How Radio Delivers Big When it Comes to ROI (Including a 12:1 Return!)

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How Radio Delivers Big When it Comes to ROI

It's rare to find advertising that hits your core market and delivers significant and measurable returns. But that's exactly what researchers found in a study of a major men's personal care brand and its success with radio.

The brand equity, market share growth, and overall sales were impressive - with radio advertising delivering up to $12 in sales for each ad dollar.

Growth in Market Share

Growing your market share in a highly competitive industry can be difficult, especially when you're working with a product that’s considered a commodity.

But the study mentioned above showed that radio advertising can lead to a +.8% increase in overall market share for brands - not only among the target audience, but also in households overall.

Measurable Sales Lift

It's often challenging to attribute sales lift to a specific campaign. But in the case of radio advertising, the correlation is quite clear.

According to the same study, this men’s personal care brand saw $1.23 in return for each dollar spent on advertising among target male consumers. Even more surprising, the parent brand achieved $11.96 in sales per dollar spent among all households.

Tracking Sales Lift

The proliferation of integrated digital platforms makes it easier to determine sales lift and justify radio as an effective advertising method. These tools also allow you to determine whether or not your particular message is resonating with your core audience, or if you need to make a shift.

Radio is a very cost-effective method of advertising, especially when you consider the value that can be returned by each advertising dollar.  If you’re new to radio and want to learn some first timer tips, read more here.

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