9 Ways to Use Radio for Marketing

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Radio is a highly effective marketing tool, which some companies have failed to discover the massive impact of radio. Meanwhile, 93% of the adult U.S. population listens to the radio on a weekly basis, making it more popular than TV and even smartphones.

Radio marketing deserves attention due to its wide reach, efficiency, and impressive results. It goes beyond airing lone, repetitive ads to forming strong relationships, increasing brand awareness, and complementing other advertising methods.

Let's look a little closer at several ways to use radio for marketing.  

1. Reaching Listeners at Optimal Times

In the 21st century, the majority of people listens to the radio in the car while driving to and from work. According to Marketing Charts, 7 a.m. is the peak listening time for full-time employed adults. The secondary peaks are at noon and between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Unemployed listeners tune in at noon and 3 p.m.

Promoting your brand during the peak hours can guarantee reaching a big chunk of your target audience. If you catch listeners during their commute, you are likely to have their full attention, which is often much more than an online ad can do.

2. Taking Advantage of Endorsements

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful and complicated advertising strategies. While 75% of consumers don't accept advertising as truth, 80% of radio listeners say that they'd consider recommendations from their favorite on-air personality.

On-air personalities become parts of listeners' everyday lives, influencing their opinions and decisions. Having such a personality endorse your brand could be highly efficient as long as they believe in the benefits of your products or services.

3. Discovering Short Spots

Short duration radio spots have many advantages. They allow you to get the message through without boring the listener and overpaying for air space. A 10, 15, or 30-second ad is an excellent way to pique the attention of your target audience.

Considering the short attention span of an average person, 10 to 30 seconds are often more than enough for an advertisement of any kind.

4. Enhancing TV Advertising Efforts

Using cross-channel marketing is the key to reaching your audience anytime and anywhere, upping your chances at conversion.

Besides being a powerful medium on its own, radio marketing can boost your TV advertising efforts. TV marketing revolves around visuals, which often makes people less aware of the message's audio component. Running your ads on the radio keeps the audience's focus on what you are trying to say.

Radio boosts the memorability and effect of TV advertisements.

5. Complementing Social Media Campaigns

Similar to TV, radio marketing can  your social media campaigns. Adding a non-digital approach to your digital marketing methods can help you reach a bigger part of your target audience while cementing your message every step of the way.

Radio marketing allows you to approach your clients from a different angle, helping them reach the end of their buyer's journey faster.

6. Boosting Influencer Marketing

Radio DJs are original social influencers. Their ability to sway the audience's opinions are legendary. Since the radio forms a strong personal relationship with the listener, a charismatic DJ can create impressive loyalty.

Radio DJs manage to maintain an environment of shared experience, which does wonders for making connections with the listeners.

Taking advantage of influencer marketing on the radio allows you to tap into this highly valuable resource and get closer to your target audience while it's highly receptive.

7. Growing an Online Presence

Radio can help you direct the target audience to online sources. From promoting the content you can only find online to telling clients where to locate you in the digital realm, you can use the radio as a tool to grow an online presence.

Today, all marketing channels are dependent on each other. Radio gives you another chance at reaching the target audience and improving other promotional efforts, no matter how unrelated they may seem. By combining online and offline marketing, you are widening your reach and increasing chances of conversions.

8. Creating Meaningful Relationships

Radio is one of the oldest forms of technological entertainment. It reaches 40% of people when they are relaxing.

Forming a meaningful relationship with a client is one of the most important parts of any marketing campaign. Powered by charismatic personalities, radio allows you to do it quicker than digital channels. The concentration of trustworthy opinion leaders and influencers on the radio is impressive.

A relationship formed with the target audience through radio marketing can go a long way magnifying other promotional channels.

9. Giving Your Brand a Real Voice

While a picture is worth a thousand words, a voice is just as important. No matter how hard you try, humanizing digital ads could be complicated.

Taking advantage of radio marketing allows you to pair a brand with a voice. You can use it to speak openly to your listeners. Voice can relay the tone, attitude, and passion, which remains hidden behind online ads.

Taking Full Advantage of Radio Marketing

Radio advertising can become one of the most efficient parts of your marketing campaign. Radio's ability to reach a wide audience, capture its attention quickly, and influence its decisions is priceless.

With the right approach, the radio can help you achieve new marketing heights and tweak your advertising efforts. To learn the secrets to reaching positive ROI with radio marketing, check out our eBook “How To Measure Radio Effectiveness and Achieve Advertising Success.”

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