2060 Digital's 5 Social Media Milestones for On-Target Strategy

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2060 Digital's 5 Social Media Milestones for On-Target Strategy

Implementing social media into your business’s marketing strategy can often feel like you’re putting all this time and energy in, but seeing very little reward. But the thing with social media is that it’s more about building relationships with qualified leads than it is about blasting a message to anyone and everyone who can see, hear or read. The leads you receive in the long run from social media are more likely to become repeat customers and even recommend you!That’s great. But it still doesn’t alleviate the uncertainty that what you’re doing now with social media is having any impact on the bottom line…making more money. So here’s a list of social media milestones you can look out for to know that your strategy is on target to bring in customers again and again.

You’ll see that all of the following milestones aren’t concrete numbers, but are rather focused on an increase. There’s no magic formula with social media that says that when you reach 5,000 followers you will see a spike in your ROI. Rather, each business takes its own path to ROI, and these milestones are meant to guide you there.

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