Who We Are

At Hubbard Chicago, we reflect the innovation, creativity, and community-focus of our world-class city, and we stand true to the values of our national parent company, Hubbard Radio—always doing the right thing with focus, urgency, and passion.
We are made of up experienced marketing professionals and integrated media experts. We pride ourselves on being an extension of your business and serving as a valued and trusted partner. 

What We Do

Our mission is simple—connect businesses with the audience they need to reach their marketing goals. That doesn't mean selling you on the latest fad. It does mean delivering:
  • Answers to your questions
  • Insights you can trust
  • Recommendations that are customized to your unique needs 
  • Ideas you can use to help your creative stand out 

 We've been doing this for decades, and our collective experience makes us a one-stop-shop for Chicago marketers and advertisers.

Check out our quick video to see what makes up what we like to call, "The Hubbard Difference."


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Serving an average of 40 advertisers per market monthly, across 50 states and in 3 countries.


Serving over 1,000 unique advertisers every year in the Chicagoland market.